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Imlie 23rd June 2022 Episode Update – Imlie fails to expose Jyoti in front of Aryan

Imlie latest news – Imlie confronts Jyoti

In today’s episode of Imlie (Star Plus), we will see that Imlie tells Aryan and the family how Jyoti tried to kill Madhav and her at the hospital. Aryan’s mom asks her if she is alright as Jyoti has been at home since afternoon praying for Aryan and her.

Aryan finds Jyoti and her husband praying. He decides not to disturb them and gets upset with Imlie. He tells Imli that their relationship was always about equality and respect but today she has let enmity come in between. He blames her for accusing his friend as he has accused her friend Madhav. He tells her how he has always trusted her but why can’t she trust him when he says that Madhav is the real criminal. Imli tells him that she is not upset but pities him as she has always looked up to him.

She tells him that she won’t break their respect and trust and will stand as a wall between any trouble that he and the family faces as well as be a weapon to protect them. She asks him to think once clearly that if Madhav was a criminal, why would he be lying helpless in the hospital today.

Jyoti comes to Aryan and tries to instigate him about Imlie misunderstanding her good intentions. Aryan says she is right their are misunderstandings and he could have misunderstood Madhav. Jyoti worries as she finds out Madhav is still alive and Aryan decides to meet Madhav to find out the truth.

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