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Imlie 28th August 2021 Episode Update – Malini challenges Imlie, Satyakam shoots Aditya

Star Plus Imlie 28th August 2021 Written Episode, Imli Written Update

Today’s Imlie episode starts with Imli and Aditya try to find the ring as Nishant, Rup Di, Nani and Aditya’s father cheer for them. Nani tells Aditya to prove today that he loves Imli a lot.

Anu asks Malini how did you lose to this old day. She is very cunning. Aditya and Imli find the ring together. Everyone claps. Nishant se both your love is equal. Malini sulks. Aditya says i hope everyone understands this. Nani says I knew Imli would me, after all she is my grand daughter. Aditya asks Nani that you were in my team. Imi says your and mine team is the same.

Nani says now that this ring finding ritual is done, it is suhaag raat now. Everyone is shocked. Imli is shy. Nani laughs off that she was kidding, we will have other rituals like muh dikahi, stealing of shoes rituals after that there will be suhaag raat ritual.

Anu tells Malini you have few days left, you have to do something else you will lose Aditya forever. Malini says to herself it is matter of life and death for her now. Malini comes to meet Imli in the kitchen. She asks her to give the ring to her, she will give it to Aparna and keep it safe as it is ancestral ring. Imli says I know it belongs to my family and no one better than me can keep it safe. Malini says your family? half of them do not support you. Imli says soon they will. Imli says I will always keep wearing this ring and keep it safe. Malini asks her to give it to her forcefully. She says you do not deserve this as you have come between me and Aditya, and any ways you do not like jwellery. Imli says yes, but I value this ring as it belongs to my family. Malini tries to forcefully take the ring. It slips away and falls towards Aditya’s foot. Aditya asks them what are they doing. Imli makes an excuse that Malini wants to get the ring fixed from the jweller and she does not want to trouble her. Aditya asks Imli to put forward her hands. He makes her wear the ring again and says it is perfect, just like us.

Aditya tells Malini, you should tried it first before arguing. He leaves. Imli tells Malini that you want to separate Aditya and me. You tried a lot today to ruin the rituals, but you could not do anything. Aditya loves me a lot, please accept it. Malini says you have too much pride, I used to also think Aditya loves me, what happened. What you did to me, I will snatch Aditya from you and will not stop until you and Aditya are separated. Imli says Aditya and me could not fail the destiny who could not separate us, you won’t either. She says I am worried about you, I do not want you to fall in his eyes. She says Aditya hated you and then loved you. But with friendship it is easy to turn into love. Imli says I tried to make you understand, if you can’t, I will just say that I have faith in my God. She says Aditya will unveil my ghunghat. Malini challenges her that we will see what happens.

Imlie speaks to Satyakam and tells him how Nani is helping her an conducting such rituals. Malini overhears it. Satyakam asks he rif he should come to help her. Imli says you also have important work, you don’t need to come. He asks her to call her whenever he needs her. Imli goes to drop Meethi. Malini calls back on same number secretly.

Aparna and Radha make separate food. Rupi Di say why are you not eating the food made for function. Aparna says why have we wasted so much money, who else will come here. Nani says don’t worry, I have called the people around and the pandit too. They will come at 6 pm. Aparna taunts her that no one form the family will bless Imli, so she needs outsiders for it.

Imli comes and Rupi Di, if she can wear her saree. Rupi says you don’t need permission. She asks Imlie to go and shop a new saree for herself. Nani says I will wear this saree, Imli will wear the saree that her mother in law gives her. Aparna says I have taken out many sarees, Let me give you. She gives her an old saree Rupi Di says how can you treat her like that, you still consider her as maid. Radha says good you gave her this old sarees, why gives outsiders when we have needy people in the house. Rupi Di slams Aparna and Radha for their ill treatment towards Imlie. Imli wears the the saree as lehenga choli. Rupi Di praises her and says you are genius. Aparna says you took the saree, but what about the gifts that in laws give. In laws welcome the bahu during Muh Dikhai, you will welcome you.

Malini says I want to get some gifts for Imli. He says why you. She says no one form the family will gift you, so I want to get some gifts for her, Aditya says Imli is lucky that she has such sweet sister like you. He gets ready to leave with her. Imli comes and tells him that rituals will begin at y6 pm. She gets to know that he is going with Malini. Malini says we will be back in time. She aits outside.

Imli worries and asks him to come back by 6 pm. He says I want to do this rituals for you whole heartedly and want to gets gifts for you, don’t worry I am not going for work, I will come back. She stops him. they have a moment as she puts kajal on his face before he leaves. He hints her should I leave. She says no. She gets closer to him, holds his shoulders and kisses him on his cheeks. She smiles as he leaves. Imlie says I am happy yet, why am I worried.


Satyakam brings Aditya to an isolated place. Aditya asks him why have we come here, Satyakam points a gun at him and shoots at him.


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