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Imlie 29 December 2021 Update- Anu and Aryan stop Imli from stopping Aditya and Malini marriage

In the coming episodes of Imlie, we will see that Imli decides to leave Tripathi house as she cannot bear the pain to see Aditya getting married to Malini again. Anu stops her and asks her to stop Aditya from ruining his life by marrying Malini. She tells her that it is their last chance. However, Imli run away.

Aditya’s father talks to him and makes him realize that he should not listen to anyone of them but his own heart and what his tears are trying to tell him. Aditya talks to Malini and tells her he cannot marry her. He says that he was trying to escape from his problem but he cannot do a mistake by marrying her and ruining her life. Malini gets much upset and tells him that she always blamed Imlie, while it was him whom she should have blamed for betraying her love and friendship. She decides not to have any more relation with him be it love, friendship or any other bond but has something else in her mind.

Aditya looks for Imlie. He sends her a message to meet him at the temple. Aryan has Imli’s phone. He thinks to give the phone to Imli but recollects all of Imli’s pain given by Aditya. he deletes the message. Imlie thinks she should not run away and try one last time to stop Aditya. She rushes back. Anu hires a man dressed as a driver to get Imli locked in a car (wedding car decorated with flowers). She decides to lock her until Aditya and Malini are married. Imlie tries to get out of the car and fails. Aditya comes out looking for Imli but misses to see her in the car. He walks past her.

Now, in the coming episodes, we will see that Imli rushes to stop Aditya and Malini’s marriage. Aryan stops her midway. She rushes anyways. She gets shocked seeing Aditya and Malini getting married.

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