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Imlie latest news (24 June 2022 update) – Aryan gets arrested for burning Madhav’s house

In today’s episode of Imlie (Star Plus), we will see that Aryan reaches Madhav’s house and finds its burning. He rushes to save him. Jyoti’s ex husband calls the cops and blames Aryan for trying to kill Madhav for his personal revenge.

Meanwhile, Kairi (Imlie’s disguise) tries to befriend Jyoti by praising her and speaking against rest of the family who only troubles her. Jyoti thinks to use Kairi to kill Madhav and put the blame on her. She plans to get Kairi drunk and get to know Imlie’s secrets.

Aryan gets arrested by the cops. They blame him for trying to kill Madhav and his mom. They tell him that Madhav is safe and arrest him. Jyoti gets a video from Harry and gets much happy to see that Madhav’s house is burning and he is finally dead. Imlie manages to trick Jyoti and not drink alcohol but gets Jyoti drunk. Imlie hides a recorder to record Jyoti’s confession.

Jyoti tells her how happy she is as Madhav’s house is burning and he will be dead.. Imlie/Kairi asks her if she has done this. Just then, Harry comes and stops Jyoti from confessing. Imlie gets a call from Aryan’s lawyer and is shocked to know that Aryan is blamed for trying to kill Madhav.

Imlie takes disguise as Kairi and reaches the police station to get Aryan out of jail. She tells the cop that she has come to clean the jail in the night duty. She finds Aryan sitting alone and tries to talk to him with a guard around. Aryan asks her not to tell Imlie and says he only went to meet Madhav after considering Imlie’s request.

Now, in the coming episodes, we will see that Harry spots Imlie taking out her disguise as Kairi and confronts her. Imlie is shocked to see a big knife in his hands. Will Harry kill Imlie? How will Imlie save herself?

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