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Imlie latest news – Imlie falls in Badi Maa’s trap, goes missing from engagement

In today’s (16 March 2022) episode of Imlie, we will see that Imlie misses her mother Meethi. Aryan’s mom finds her alone and tells her not to worry. She assures her that Aryan will get her meet Meethi.

Aryan gets oatmeal for Imli to eat. His mom is happy to see him care for her. Imlie refuses to eat. Aryan calls Aparna, Arpita and his mom and complains about her. They asks her to eat. She makes excuses. Aryan asks them to hold her hands so he can make her eat as she still refuses to eat. He feeds her by his hands.

Nishant meets Aditya and asks her to come and be happy with Imlie moving on and be happy in her happiness. He asks him to accept that she is married to Aryan now. Aditya refuses and puts Imli and his pics on his room wall.

Everyone awaits Imlie. Arpita says Imlie will be happy with Aryan’s surprise for her. Meethis comes. She thanks Aparna and Aryan’s mom for giving so much love to Imli and taking care of her. She gets emotional seeing Aparna. They decide to get their daughter married to Aryan together.

Badi maa meets Meethi and recollects her from the past as her maid. She insults her and asks her if she is now working as a maid in this house. Aryan stands for Meethi and tells Badi Maa she is Imlie’s mother and how she and Imlie inspire him. He says he will be happy that soon Meethi will call him ‘beta’ (her son).

Imlie comes out in the backyard as she wants to stop this engagement. Aryan asks Meethi to call Imli as she would come listening to her voice. Imli hears her mom’s voice and comes rushing. Badi maa throws a wooden block on the ground. Imlie falls down unconscious on the ground. Gudiya and Badi Maa pack her in a big carton.

Everyone keeps looking for Imlie as she goes unconscious. Some people gets a truck to discard the waste carton boxes. Sunder also misses to see Imli in the carton.

Gudiya instigates Aryan that he got his would be wife to her ex-husband’s house, may be she has change her mind. Badi Maa also says Imli is too young to change her mind. Aryan goes to Aditya’s room to look for Imli. He fumes in anger seeing Aditya and Imlie’s pics in Aditya’s room.

He blames Aditya what excuse has he made now to get Imli come running to him. Aditya says he was sure that Imlie was never married to him. Aryan gets angry on him. The families stop them. Aditya mocks at Aryan being a lost lover and says this engagement will never happen not will the marriage. Aryan reminds him that Imlie and he are married and he should accept it now. He says that he has lied to Aditya but he cannot lie to himself and has to find Imlie.

He comes out looking for Imlie. He misses to see the truck full of cartons with Imli being inside one of the boxes.


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