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Imlie upcoming twists – Aditya finds Imlie and Aryan in hotel room, misunderstands them

Imlie latest news – Aditya misunderstands Imlie, decides to divorce her

In the coming episodes of Star Plus popular serial Imlie, we will see that Aditya and his family plan a surprise party on Aditya and Imli’s first wedding anniversary. Aditya wants to bring Imli back home.

Aditya asks Malini to return to her mom’s home as both Imlie and Malini are not happy with being around each other. He assures to support and take full responsibility of her and their child. Malini is not ready to lose and takes her final step to separate Aditya and Imlie forever. She decides to use Aryan as the reason for their separation.

Anu calls Aryan and asks him to come with his best reporter on woman issues to cover a story. She calls him at the same hotel where Aditya and Imli’s anniversary is planned. Aryan takes Imlie with her to the same hotel. Imli has a breakdown as she feels alone on her anniversary. She gets soaked in the rain. Aryan comes to her and tells her she only had a breakup and is hurt, but there are others who have lost someone forever. He reveals to her how he lost his friend and brother in law while seeing him burn to death. He motivates her to take charge of her life and become successful.

Now, in the coming episodes, Anu’s plan work Imli and Aditya come to meet a client as per her plan. Tripathis and Aditya leave for the party venue too. Malini sends Aditya to a hotel room. He opens the door and finds Aryan making Imli wear his blazer jacket. Aditya is shocked to see them together in the room.

Aditya will misunderstand Aryan and Imlie. Things will get worse as he thinks Imli does not want to be with him anymore. He asks Imli for divorce as there is no love left between them and he wants to take Malini and their child’s responsibility. Imli is shattered & agrees to sign the divorce papers!

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