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Imlie upcoming twists – Anu asks Imlie to cover Aditya and Malini’s wedding story

Imlie latest news – Aditya decides to marry Malini, wedding drama next

In the coming episodes of Imlie, we will see that Aditya fights with some people on the streets. Imlie sees it on TV and rushes to meet Aditya despite Aryan trying to stop her.

Meanwhile, Malini emotionally pressurizes Aditya that she has decided to move on in life just like Imlie. She pretends to decide to plan her abortion as she cannot tolerate her child being called illegitimate all her life. Aditya assures her that he would take her and his child responsibility. Malini questions him that he could not be a good husband, how will he be a good father?

Imlie reaches Tripathi house. Aditya asks her why has she come back when he has ended his ties with her and asked not to come back. Imlie insists to talk to him. He sees Aryan and gets much upset. He declares that he will marrying Malini again and asks Imli to sign divorce papers. Imli is much shattered and signs the papers. She apologizes to Aditya and his family that she tried her best yet failed to save her relationships and slams her half sister Malini for being the most wicked person.

She apologizes herself for herself for not respecting herself and letting Aditya marry Malini, stay as a maid in his house, forgiving Malini after her sleeping with her husband and let her stay in the house for sake of her child only to ruin her life. She signs the papers and congratulates Aditya and Malini.

Now, in coming episodes, we will see that Anu comes to Bhaskar times. She proposes Aryan to cover her daughter Malini and Aditya’s marriage on page 3 of their paper. Aryan asks Imlie to cover the story. Imli refuses. Anu gives a big fat cheque and asks Aryan to think about it!

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