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Imlie upcoming twists – Anu puts Malini’s life in danger for her revenge

Imlie latest news – Anu gets upset as Aditya gives the credit to Imli for saving his life

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Star Plus show Imlie. Imlie shoots down the goon Jugnu and saves Aditya’s life.

The cops inform Malini that Aditya is save and coming back home. Aparna thanks Malini for reaching out to the CM and helping save Aditya. Anu decides to call the media to Tripathi house and tell them how Malini helped saving Aditya’s life.

The cops bring Aditya home. Aditya thanks the reporters and tell praises the one person who did everything to save his life. He gives credit to Imli and introduces her as his wife.  Aditya’s father acknowledges Imli’s efforts and tells in front of the media that they are proud of their daughter in law Imli.

Malini gets hurt while Anu is furious. She blames Aditya and his family for always using Malini and hurting her.

Now, in the coming episodes, we will see that Anu and Malini are having food at the dinner table. Anu tells Malini that she will make both Aditya and Imli suffer. Soon, Malini starts choking. She asks her mom to help her with water but Anu looks on. She says sorry to Malini that she had to do this to her and put her in danger as she wants to per her out of her misery. Malini falls down unconscious on the floor.

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