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Imlie upcoming twists – Imlie shocked to know Malini is pregnant

Imlie latest news – Imlie gets determined to send Malini to jail, Aditya stops her

In the coming episodes of Star Plus popular show Imlie, we will see that Imlie decides to part ways with Aditya for the sake of him and his family reputation. She asks Aditya to stay married to Malini for the good of everyone. She tells him that their relation was based on trust and now she is parting ways with him. She leaves with her mom and Nani.

Imlie finds part of her saree in Anu’s car trunk. She realizes that Malini has tricked Aditya while she had intoxicated him with the drugs. She decides to make Malini pay for her crimes. She files a police complaint against Malini. The cops come to Tripathi house to arrest Malini. Anu fumes in anger. Aditya is shocked and asks Imli for proof. Imli tells him about the burnt saree and how Malini tricked him. Malini gets arrested.

Now, in the coming episodes we will see that Aditya asks Imli to come with him to the police station and take the complain back against Malini. Imlie gets determined to send Malini to jail as she gets another proof against Malini using the camera gifted to her by Aditya. Aditya asks her not to do anything. Malini comes and gives a big shock to Imli as she questions her if she would let Aditya and her child be raised in a jail. Imli is shattered.

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