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Krrip Kapur Suri, on his demonic look of Asura Andhak in &TV’s Baal Shiv – ‘It has a royal touch’

Ruling the hearts of millions of viewers for the last ten years, Krrip Kapur Suri is all set to enter &TV’s Baal Shiv as Asura Andhak. Asura Andhak is a fierce and evil character. He is extremely determined to conquer the world and does everything in his power to acquire it.
The highlight of the character is the demonic look that Krrip has donned. Talking about his character’s appearance, Krrip Kapur Suri (Asura Andhak) shares, “Baal Shiv being a mythological show consists of looks that are larger than life and different from other regular shows. From the extravagant headgear to the whole attire, my character Asura Andhak has the essence of darkness that appropriately makes him look fierce and evil. Everything about the character is astonishing and symbolises evil power. It has a royal touch. The costume is essentially a combination of black, red, and golden colours, which bring out the character’s negative aura. The salt and pepper wig adds an edge to the look. The weapon that is designed for the character is unique and creative. So basically, each detailing of the attire and accessories define the character of Asura Andhak’s personality and behaviour which makes him a remarkable mythological character in the history of Indian Television.”
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Further talking about his preparation for the look, Krrip adds, “There is a lot of detailing in the look, so it takes more than one and a half hours to get into the skin of Asura Andhak. I want to give the full credit to Sameera Ji for designing such a deadly look and presenting me as Asura Andhak!”

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