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Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 08 September 2021 Episode Update – Pallavi gets upset with Raghav for lying to her

Star Plus serial Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 08 September 2021 Written Episode, MHRW Written Update

In today’s episode of Star Plus serial Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali (MHRW), we will see that Pallavi gets up with Raghav sleeping next to her. She feels happy. She gets a big shock that the necklace gifted by Raghav is lost. She starts looking for it frantically.

Raghav gets up and asks what happened. She tells him that the expensive necklace is missing. They both keep searching. She recollects that she went to the dining area to have water and must have fell there. She goes there to look for it. Flashback in shown that a new staff finds the necklace and keeps it with him.

Jaya gets to know about the necklace. She looks for it too. She tells Kirti about it and expresses her doubts on Sunny who had come to meet Kriti last night. Kirti takes a call on her mother’s phone and finds out that she has fixed a meeting for her marriage alliance. She fumes in anger and speaks badly to Jaya. Raghav comes there and yells at her for being rude to their mother. He says clearly that he does not approve of Sunny and will soon get her married to a nice guy. Kirti gets upset and leave.

Raghav calls Farhad to call all the staff and asks to question them. Pallavi says most of the staff having been working so long with them. She asks him to take help form cops. Raghav hesitates. Farhad makes an excuse and says he will talk to the commissioner. He tells Farhad to find the culprit at any cost internally without the cops. They cannot tell the cops about the jewelry as he got it imported without paying for the custom duty which is against the law. he says that is why the necklace costed him 23 lakhs while its selling cost is Rs. 50 lakh.

Sunny shows court marriage applications to Kirti. She says Raghav should agree for their marriage now as she (Sunny) had helped him so much. Sunny knows Raghav will not agree. asks him for one last chance to convince her mom. He says ok.

Raghav gets a call from Farhad that he has caught the culprit. He confronts the staff and reprimands him for stealing as he has always paid them well, took after their kids school fees etc. He gives the fellow some money and asks him to go away. Sunny happens to see this and wonders that Raghav wanted justice in Mandar’s case and yet he let the man who stole from, just go away.

Milind tells Vijay that he has booked the murti for Ganapti festival. Vijay asks him to be ashamed to celebrate anything as his son is in trouble. He refuses to celebrate the festival. Shard tells Miling does not have to be ashamed as the one who has done wrong, should be ashamed. She declares they will celebrate the festival in grand way like they always do as Ganapti Bappa has thrown away the troubles form their lives.

Pallavi gets happy that the stolen jwellery is found and talks to Krishna at the saree shop. She finds newspaper in Krishna’s hands. She realizes that Raghav had lied to speaking to the police commissioner and take help from the police as the newspaper mentioned that the commissioner is in hospital for surgery.

She confronts Raghav for lying to her. He tells her that everyone has a way to deal with situation. He says he has his way to handle his business and life and asks doesn’t he have the right to do things his way. She says you are right but didn’t have to lie to me. He says sorry to her for it.


The marriage alliance for Kirti come home to see her. P=Kirti goes missing. Raghav and Pallavi worry. They gets shocked as Kirti comes home after marrying Sunny.




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