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Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 11th June 2021 Update – Raghav reveals his bitter past with Krishna Rao to Pallavi

Star Plus Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 11th June 2021 Episode Update, MHRW Written Update

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali (MHRW) on Star Plus. Raghav asks Pallavi about himself as she turns into himself (as Raghav Rao). She shies away and leaves.

Jaya apologizes to Raghav for not trusting him in the theft issue. He asks her not to apologize for that but to forgive him for that one mistake that he did. She says she has been trying to forget that day everyday, but cannot. Raghav says that that one ay has created such a big barrier between them. Jaya leaves. Pallavi overhears their conversation and wonders what had happened 10 years back.

Sulochana comes back home. Milind confronts her over trying to get Deshmukh house in her name by duping Vijay. he warns her that she is ruining her daughter’s lives too with her evil games.

Pallavi is by the pool side thinking while Raghav finishes his swimming. They get into a cute argument and a challenge where they have to write about each other 5 good qualities. Raghav says he is good in kissing. Pallavi feels embarrassed and says he has already lost the challenge. She tells him about his good qualities. She says he is very straightforward, clear at heart with no evilness, he values his family and can go to any extent to protect them. He tells her that no one has ever praised him like that and he has lost himself to her. They have a moment. She says now that you have lost, you have to fulfil what I say. She asks him about that day which had created problem between his mother and him.

Raghav tells her that he used to stay in a town away from Hyderabad away along with his Nana, his mum, Kirti and his younger brother. He reveals who his Nana was a good music instrument player while his mom was a Bharatanatyam teacher. He tells how in his childhood he had to face poverty, how he walked to school in torn bag and wore same uniform over years. He add now he was teased by other kids that had impacted him a lot and he became adamant to become a rich man. He reveals how he met Krishna Rao.


Raghav tells about his entire past to Pallavi. He asks her about her ex husband. She tells him how Mandar was a really good and simple guy. She happens to mention about a death just before her deceased ex-husband’s death and stops. She stays alone and thinks about it. She shed tears. Some mysterious lady keep an eye on her. The mysterious lady drops something on floor and she hides. Pallavi checks but finds no one.


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