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Udaariyaan 02 December 2021 Written Update – Fateh tells Jasmine their marriage was fake

Colors Udaariyaan 02 December 2021 Episode  Update, Udariyaan Written Update

Today’s Udaariyaan episode starts with cops takes Fateh. Jasmine asks them to leave him. Fateh asks them to give him a minute. Jasmine asks him what has he done, she had a dream since childhood, she broke her dreams, she yells and asks why did you do this, why did you burn my passport. The Canada flight leaves. She sees it. Fateh laughs at her as she sits down on the ground shattered.

Jasmine asks him what nonsense is this. She says it was my dream, You had promised me, you knew that i was crazy about my dream, Fateh says this was my surprise. She recollects him saying his surprise is still pending. Fateh says I told you, you would be shocked when I reveal my surprise. She says what cheap plan is this. He says what about your cheap deeds. She says what have you done to me, He says I have given to you what you have given to people.

He says I was blind in your love, I left my house, my family, made ,my parents cry, hurt everyone, my father’s image got ruined for your sake. But you are so selfish, only happiness matters to you. She says what are you saying, you has poisoned your mind She says tejo has done this. he says Tejo has nothing to do with this.

Tejo leaves in the car with Angad. She says what have I done to you, you did this to me. She says I have not betrayed you, you have done as per your decision says I was blinded by you lies and did everything wrong. he says but truth comes out. That day on Diwali night, I was your real face. He reveals how Jass had told him she had gone to him and asked to trouble Tejo so that she is out of his life forever.

He asks her why did you do this to Tejo. Jasmine claims it is all a lie, how can you trust Jass who is a fraud and shatter all my dreams. She calls him a fraud. Fateh shows the jwellery that Jasmine had given Jass. he says I would never trust Jass as I was blind in your love. He says when I went to police station, I found out you bailed him out so you can destroy Tejo. He says how could you put your sister’s life in danger. Do you realize what he could do to Tejo. Do you know, because of you, how many lives could be in danger on Diwali night. I would have died. He says I have done so much for you, went against everyone for you, but what did you do. You only love yourself. You did so much to throw Tejo out of the house.

Jasmine says I have not done anything wrong, I only wanted to get you in my life. He says I was always your when i wanted to marry you, and when i betrayed Tejo too. He says Tejo did so much for us, she made you realize your love for me, she married me after your betrayal for sake of the families, she even left me when we betrayed her. But now, Tejo will not suffer anymore, she will now be happy with Angad. I will be happy to see her happy now.

Tejo gives the engagement ring back to Angad. Jasmine yells Tejo Tejo, you always only take her name, she does not love you, she cannot see you with me and plots to snatch you from me. Fateh ask her to shut up and says I cannot explain you anymore, I am done. He leaves. Jasmine says you cannot leave.

Jasmine says we are married now,. I am your wife. Fateh says what marriage. You think after all of this I will still marry you,. You could not be loyal to you family. You only love yourself. You are still Jasmine Sandhu and not Mrs. Fateh Virk Singh. Jasmine is shocked. She says what are you saying. It was a fake marriage of just 6 pheras and fake rituals. The Pandit was an actor whom he had hire. He tells her how he only acted to put sindoor on her maang. He says you were just too occupied and dreaming about going to Canada. He says you didn’t even know I had united the ghabandhan too. Our nalki pheras happened without the ghatbandhan, he laughs and says there was no marriage. He says you never loved me, I was just your zidd. You only wanted to fulfil your dreams to go to Canada. He says I could have told this truth earlier, but that day tejo and Angad were getting engaged and I didn’t want to stop her from moving on. Tejo is seen leaving with Angad.

He says I am happy Tejo is happy now, even if it is with Angad. He says sorry to the cops and pleads to set him free, he says I am free today in real sense. He tells Jasmine, today, even you are free. he folds his hands and leaves.

Jasmine goes behind him and says I am sorry. She asks him not to give her such big punishment for her mistakes. He says you are leaving for Tejo but Angad and Tejo are engaged now. She thinks not to tell him truth that it was fake engagement. She says if Tejo already moving on then why can’t we start again. Fateh says I am ready to live my life alone. This is my punishment. Jasmine says you have left me nowhere to go. He says its the same, I cannot go back to family or Tejo. This is our punishment and leaves.


Jasmine goes back to her house. Her father opens the door and finds her crying. Fateh falls down on the road. Tejo shouts for him. He raises his head and sees her.


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