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Udaariyaan 08 October 2021 (Episode 179) Written Update – Jasmine’s get burnt passport from Tejo, harms Khushbeer

Colors serial Udaariyaan 08 October 2021 Written Episode,  Udariyaan Written Update

Today’s Udaariyaan epsiode starts with Tejo tells Jasmine that she will tell Fateh all the truth how she didn’t burn her passport but her father’s to win back his trust and love. She says after knowing this truth you will be out of the house and Fateh’s heart. Jasmine is shocked. Tejo asks her what happened, “behen darr gayi?”. She warns her not to tell anyone about Simran and Candy, else she will expose her in front of Fateh. Tejo leaves.

Jamine says what do you think? Fateh will beleive you. She says Fateh loves me a lot even more than his life.  Tejo says I know you like misunderstandings, but I know Fateh very well, he will not not be able accept that the second inning of his love has started on lies. She says you live with that misunderstanding. She leaves.

Jasmine comes back home angrily in her room. She murmurs against Tejo as she throws her things on the bed. Fateh asks her what happened. She says Tejo will not let her live in peace. She says I have suffered so many comments and taunts of people, yet I am ready to do everything for our relationship. She says Tejo has told everyone I am a chudail and  husband chor. She sheds fake tears of how people in the college make fun of her and laugh at her. Fateh comforts her. He says are you sure Tejo would never do this. She gets irked and says yes I am bad one while Tejo is the best. He hugs her and says something is wrong as Tejo cannot do such a thing.

Jasmine sees Tejo and everyone playing with Candy happily. She thinks to get the passport from Tejo at cost so she cannot blackmail her. Tejo warns her not to do anything else she will expose her. Jasmine tries to overhear Simran’s call to Tejo. Simran thanks Tejo for giving her hopes to unite Candy and her with the family.  Tejo asks to talk to her later seeing Jasmine around.

Jasmine rushes to Tejo’s room while she is busy with Candy. She looks for the passport and thinks that it is in locker. She goes to get from Tejo’s bag. She sees Tejo having left to go to college for some work. She asks Fateh to get locker keys from Tejo. She lies thay he she spoke to an investor for funds for the academy and wants contract papers. Fateh goes to get the keys from Tejo. Tejo says she is getting late for College and gives him the keys.

Jasmine stages bathroom tap.leak drama to divert Fateh. She takes the keys from him to find the burnt passport from the locker. She is unbale to find it. Fateh comes and says he is not sure why the tap leaked. He takes out the contract papers and misses to see burnt passport as he gets a call. Jasmine is worried. She manages to take the papers and hide the burnt passport.

Tejo recollects seeing burnt passport and thinks what if Fateh seems them with contract papers. She rushes back and sees Fateh. He acts normal. She is glad that he didn’t see the passport.

Jasmine meets Sweety and says how dare Tejo blackmail me over these passport. Now I will expose her. Sweety warns her that if she does anything, Tejo will take your Father’s help to expose you in front of Fateh and he won’t lie for you. She asks her not to put herself in trouble. Jasso gets furious and thinks to break up Khushbeer and Tejo’s bonding, using which Tejo is acting so strong.

Fateh family is at the dinner table with Candy and enjoy eating .Jasmine offers to get tea for Khushbeer. He refuses. Nimmo says let her do some work too. Jasmine goes to make tea..Flashback is show how she followed Tejo to get Khushbeer’s medicines. She adds extra pill (Blood Pressure pill) into his tea and get Tejo blamed for being irresponsible. She takes the tea out to Khusbeer. Khusbeer asks Tejo to give me the tea. Tejo gives him. He has it. Jasmine is happy her plan will work.










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