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Udaariyaan 08 September 2021 Episode Written Update – Fateh-Jasmine affair gets exposed, Fateh questions Tejo and Buzo in front of all

Colors serial Udaariyaan 08th September 2021 Written Episode, Udariyaan Written Update

In today’s Udaariyaan episode we see that Nimo blames Tejo for always going missing from the house and today she has crossed limits and not come home for whole night. Tejo’s father in law says she is not irresponsible and there has to be some problem that she is missing.

Jasmine asks her brother why did her call in rush. Tejo said sao. She asks her why are you here and not where you should be. Jasmine says this is my home. Tejo’s mom asks why is she saying so. Tejo says Jasmine doe snot want to be here and should be there where she always wanted to be. Tejo’s mom says I don’t know hat has happened but I am  sure Jasmine has done a mistake. She asks Tejo to clam down as she is the elder sister and Jasmine is her younger sister. Tejo says she is no longer little and it is no time to make her understand but punish her for her mistakes. Jasmine tries to skip away. Tejo holds her and tells her let me take you where you always wanted to be. She drags her out of the house and leaves in the car as her family sees them leaving.

Virk family begins Ganapati festival. They pray for Tejo. Tejo drives her car fast and Jasmines questions her what is in her mind. She says she does not want to go with her. Tejo and Fateh’s cars miss each other as they drive on the opposite side.

Tejo reaches Virk house. Everyone is shocked to see her with Jasmine. Tejo makes Jasmine fall on the ground. Tejo’s mother in law asks what is this. Tejo tells Jasmine will tells you. She tells Jasmine, this is what you wanted, this house is your and Fateh too.

Fateh reaches Tejo’s place. He gets to know Tejo has taken Jasmine away. Tejo’s brother says he does not know where Tejo has gone. Tejo’s brother says why did you lie to your family. Fateh is about to leave. Tejo’s father says looking at your face I know you know what is the issue and asks him to tell him. Fateh tells Tejo’s father that he had to respect Tejo and his relationship but he could not. he confesses that he still loves Jasmine. Everyone is shocked. Tejo’s mom asks him to say that this is not true. Tejo’s father slaps him twice and says how could he spoil his daughter’s life. Tejo’s uncle stops him and says he is your damaad. Tejo’s brother says how can a dammad be like that. Fateh says he deserves their anger and requests them to let him go as Jasmine needs him. He says that Tejo could harm Jasmine too. He leaves. Tejo’s family is shattered.

Fateh’s mom asks Tejo to tell her this is not true and makes her swear. Tejo says I wish it were a lie. My own sister and husband were meeting each other right under my nose and partying together. Amrik asks Jasmine Fateh if Tejo is telling the truth. Tejo tells him that he was right that Fateh didn’t move on from Jasmine and she is not meant to be with Fateh.

Fateh’s father asks Tejo is she has proof of what she is saying and is she sure. Tejo tells him how she saw them together at the party last night as Mr. and Mrs. Virk. They were holding hands together, dancing and romancing. Tejo tells Jasmine you wanted to be in this house, now it is your. Fateh reaches and asks Tejo to stop. He says you have easily blamed me and Jasmine. What about your betrayal. Tejo asks what do you mean. He asks her what is going between you and Buzo. Everyone is shocked again. Buzo says what are you saying. Fateh asks him not to talk between husband and wife. Fateh tells everyone he too has seen Tejo and Buzo spending time together in malls and shopping together while she said she is going for NGO work. He asks who is Urvashi, not your college friend right. Tejo is in a fix to reveal who is Urvashi.

Will Virk family get to know about Simran and Buzo? Will Tejo reveal the truth?


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