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Udaariyaan 09 October 2021 Episode Written Update – Khushbeer supports Tejo against Gurpreet and Nimmo

Today’s Udaariyaan episode starts with Khusbeer drinks the tea mixed with BP medicine (extra dose) by Jasmine. Fateh comes. His mom asks him to join them for breakfast. Tejo says I will leave for college too. Biji asks her to have breakfast too. Tejo sits next to Fateh. Jasmine gets angry.

Biji asks Fateh to give Tejo one paratha. Fateh gives her and asks her for achaar. Tej feels awkward and recollects her past when she had asked Fateh to try her mom made achaar and how they enjoyed it in his office. Fateh serves her achaar. Jasmine sees it and interrupts. She asks Fateh to have juice. Tejo says I am getting late and says I am leaving. She says Candy, I will come back and drop you home. Mahi asks Tejo you haven’t left yet. She says my car has broken down, and I can’t find a cab. Fateh hears it and offers to drop her. She denies.

Khushbeer plays with Candy. He feels pain in the heart and falls down unconscious on the floor. Candy comes out and tells Tejo that Nana ji has fallen down. Everyone rushes to him. Jasmine gets happy her plan has worked.

Fateh picks his father and puts him on the bed. Tejo rubs his feet. Fateh calls for the doctor. Jasmine worries that Khushbeer is much serious and wonders if she gets into trouble. Fateh’s mom asks the doctor what happened. He says his BP has gone too low. He checks the medicines and asks if he was given the tablet twice. Tejo says I have given only one pill. Doctor says may be you gave the medicines twice. The doctor says that is the only reason that his BP is so low. You have to be careful next time. Fateh’s mom says I had asked you to be careful, then how did this happen.

Fateh goes to drop the doctor. Nimmo blames Tejo how can she be so careless, she keeps calling Khushbeer papaji and could not even give him meds properly. Fateh’s mom gets upset with tejo too. Biji sides Tejo and says she has so many responsibilities, mistakes happen. Nimmo says this is not mistake, we are happy that Khushbeer is saved. Tejo wonders how could this happen. Mahi says do you really think Tejo will overdose papaji. Tejo offers to get oil to massage Khubeer’s feet.

Fateh’s mom asks her to let it be, from now on I will take care of Khusbeer. She asks her to leave, before she speaks anything wrong. Tejo is much hurt and goes to the terrace and cries badly. She says how can I tell everyone that I did not go wrong. Fateh comes and puts his hands on her shoulders. She it away. She asks why are you. Don’t you think, I need your shoulders to cry on, I am fine. I do not want your sympathy, I can handle yourself. She leaves.

He says I know you can handle yourself, I have not come to give you support as I have no rights. I know the one who gives supports to others, don’t need anyone to support them. I know you are very strong and don’t need any shoulders to cry. She says why have you come here, to point out my fault. He says whatever the doctor says, I can never believe that you can do this purposely. She asks him not to hurt herself as papaji would like to see first when he get consciousness. He leaves.

Fathe goes to his mom and comforts her. Tejo walks in. Nimmo says how shameless you are to walk in like that, you gave Khushbeer two doses of meds and put his life at risk, but can’t admit his mistake. Khushbeer wakes up and stops Mimmo and assk her why does she always blame her. Nimmo says she has overdosed you. Khushbeer says my daughter can never do this in my dreams. Nimmo starts arguing. Fateh stops her.

Tejo asks Khusbeer how is he and if he is better. Fateh tells him you BP went low, rest now. Tejo asks what will you have. He says soup cooked by you. Candy comes and tells Khushbeer to have apple and keep the doctor away. Khushber says I dodn’t need the doctor, I need you to be alright.

Tejo makes soup for Khushbeer in the kitchen. Jasmine walks in to taunt her. She asks her what have you got to take care of everyone, what did you get in return. She asks her not to hide and cry, you can share with me, I will not tell others. She says now Khushbeer’s BP just went low, what if it would have gone worse. Tejo looks at her in shock. Jasmine says what if 10 much tablet would have gone into his body. Tejo says this means you did it. Jasmine says it is very good of you, that you blae me for all the wrong things.

Tejo wans her that if you are behind all of this, Then I will expose you and throw you out of the house. She warns her not to harm her family, if she hs to take revenge from you, then do it with me. Jasmine says what you family, thi is Fateh’s family. Tejo says if you do this again, I will send you to jail.

Biji tells the family we will be doing Jagrata during Navratri for Khushbeer’s sake. Biji asks Tejo to make preparations. She asks Mahi to help her. Fateh’s mom says she will make arrangements and not to give so much responsibilities ot Tejo. Nimmo says yes, Tejo has to anyways leave. Mahi asks Nimo why does she taunt Tejo like that. Nimmo says Tejo’s destiny is bad, in her first marriage Jas left her on wedding day and now Fateh. Jasmine gets happy. Khusbeer says it is our bad luck that Fateh cannot recognize good people. He is leaving a diamond like Tejo for a crooked person like Jasmine. Jasmine gets angry. He tells Nimmo and Gurpreet that I will not hear anything against Tejo, there may have been mistakes with medicines, she will only give me meds. He asks Tejo no to worry, no one will anything against you.

Khusbeer asks Tejo when will Candy come today. Tejo says he won’t come as his mom’s assignment is  done now. He feels sad and asks her to invite him from jagrata. Flashback in show how Tejo tells Simran, she has no idea what Jasmine can do and soon she has to unite her with the family. She wants them to miss Candy now and soon she can unite them. Khusbeer asks Tejo to invite Candy and his mom to the jagrata. Tejo prays to God to unite the family in this navratri. Jasmine thinks to tells Khushbeer before Tejo gets Simran and Tejo home. She wants Khushbeer to throw Tejo out of the house




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