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Udaariyaan 11 September 2021 Episode Update – Tejo comes back to Virk house, Jasmine upset

Colors serial Udaariyaan 11 September 2021 Written Episode, Udariyaan Written Update

Today’s Udaariyaan episode starts with Fateh brings Jasmine home, holding her in his arms, Fateh’s mom is shocked to see them. Fateh’s father Khushbeer stops him from coming inside the house. Gurpreet says let him come in. Fateh says once Jasmin gets fine, I will take her somewhere else. Khushbeer says that there is no place for Jasmine and him in this house and asks Fateh to get lost.

Gurpreet (Fathe’s mom) says no, Fateh won’t go anywhere, if he goes, then he will come back ever like Simran. Khushbeer says I will consider him dead like Simran. Gurpreet says I will go with him then. Khushbeer says fine go, then.

Dada ji stops him. Khushbeer tell I will mourn that I am his father and he had ruined his  family pride for this girl, he cheated on his wife. He asks Gurpreet to go with her son if she wants. Dadi gets hurt and says I will go as well. She feels uneasy, gets breathless and faints.

Amrik takes her to the room. Dada ji asks Fateh to get Jasmin inside. Fateh gets inside. Tejo’s father recollects Khushbeer’s words to take Tejo back home as his daughter. Tejo comes with food and asks him to have some. He says how can I have, when my daughter has not had food too. She says if you have, then I will have some. She feeds him food with her hands. He tells her about Khushbeer’s request and says that she should go back and fight for her rights. He says how can you give away everything without fighting for it. She says what rights can I asks for, I wish I had any rights of Fateh.

Doctor attends Dadi and informs the family that Dadi had a minor stroke and her BP is high. They have to be careful not to give her tension and take good care as she can have a major stroke which is not good for her age now. Eeveryone leaves. Fateh is standing at the door. Khushbeer shuts the door on his face.

Fateh goes to his room to check on Jasmine. Nimmo stops him and slams him for letting Jasmine sleep in Tejo’s room. Fateh says the room belonged to him and he was only going to check on jasmine and leave. She says not required and asks him to leave. She says you can meet tomorrow morning.

Dadi refuses to eat anything and remains emotional demanding to meet Tejo. She syas that she wants to apologize to Tejo since lot of wrong has happened with her. Khushbeer says whatever Fateh did, that girl (Jasmine) is also here, how can he call Tejo back.

Mahi calls Tejo and informs her about Dadi and requests her to come. She tells her how Dadi is just taking her name and isn’t eating anything. She tells her that the doctor told that anything can happen if she gets another attack. She prays that Tejo comes home and Jasmin leaves. Virk family does puja.

Jasmine gets consciousness. Fateh asks her how could she take such a step. Jasmine says she could bot think anything and thought that he will not come. He asks her not to do anything lie that again and promises to always stand by her. She asks him to stay back as she is feeling much lonely as everyone hates her here. He says he has to go as Dadi got a minor attack. He leaves. Jasmine curses Dadi for having a stroke as she would be blamed for this also.

Fateh meets Dadi and asks her to eat. She refuses and demands to see Tejo. Virk family does Ganapti puja. Jasmine comes to Dadi’s room. Fateh is shocked. She apologise to Dadi for her mistake and offers her to eat food. Dadi refuses and looks away from her. She apologizes to Ganapati Bappa that we could not welcome you properly and prays that he brings back their happiness before he leaves the house. tejo enters Vrik house and walks upto Dadi’s room. Dadi see her and gets happy. Fateh and Jasmine are shocked. Tejo takes food plate from fateh’s hands. She hugs Dadi. Dadi says sorry to Tejo for everything wrong that happened. Tejo makes her eat. Jasmine fumes in anger as Dadi asks Tejo not to go now. Fateh takes Jasmine away. Mahi sees Tejo with Dadi and calls Bhabhi. Everyone goes to meet Tejo. Dadi insists Tejo no to go.

Jasmine tells Fateh why is this Tejo back. What if she does not go back. Fateh says that Tejo will Tgo back after meeting Dadi. Jasmine says she knows it Tejo will brainwash everyone and stay back and make me out of this house.

Khushbeer tells Tejo that maybe this was God’s decision, you will stay here now, this is your house. Tejo tells him I respect your feelings and I know you all love me a lot, but I have nothing left to stay here. Fateh has made his relation with someone else then by what relation can I stay here. Khushbeer asks was her her relation was just with Fateh.

Khushbeer tells Tejo you are my daughter from today, you will stay here with a daughter’s rights from today.


Tejo comes with her bag and asks Khushbeer which room she should go now. Khushbeer tells her room belongs to her only. Fateh claims his rights. Khushbeer tells him Tejo is staying as his daughter in this house and will have her room. if you two have problems, you can leave. Tejo walks into her room while Fateh takes Jasmine out of the room. Jasmine fumes in anger.


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