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Udaariyaan 12th October 2021 Episode Written Update – Khushbeer accepts Simran and Candy

Udaariyaan 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Udariyaan Written Update

Today’s Udaariyaan episode starts with Tejo tries to convince Khushbeer and asks him to accept Simran, the Laxmi of this house. Khushbeer says you think I can ever forgive her, never and will never accept her child.

Jasmine gets happy. comes and instigates Khushbeer and everyone against Tejo. She asks her how could lie to everyone and betray Khushbeer’s trust on her. She lied that Candy is her colleagues son in order to fool everyone. Tejo asks Jasmine not to interfere.

Khushbeer says she is right. I considered you as my daughter and your broke my trust. Tejo says I got Candy home thinking blood will identify blood, a daughter will get her love and family’s love, what wrong did I do. If I would have told your earlier only that Candy is Simran’s son, would you have accepted him. Fateh comes and supports Tejo. Jasmine gets upset.

Jasmin tells him are you mad, how can you support a lie. He asks her to shut up. Jasmin continues to blame Tejo that she did this intentionally, it was her plotting to bring Candy and stop him here at night, see you trusted her and what she did with you all. Rupy gets angry but his wife stops him and says this is their personal matter.

Gurpreet begs Khushbeer to accept Simran. Everyone else ask him to forget what happened. Fateh says Simran is this house’s daughter, now Candy is also her, she has been away too long, now let us bring them home. Jasmine says why is everyone behind Khushbeer, she asks why didn’t Tejo directly tell everyone about Simran and Candy, she asks what is the top secret that Tejo is hiding about Simran and candy. Tejo comes and gives her tight slap. She slams her for standing in front of God and being so shameless.

She says here everyone is trying to unite Simran with the family, how dare you question her character. Candy is Simran’s son thats it. Khushbeer asks Tejo to take Simran back just like she got her. Tejo tells Simran and Candy lets leave. She says there is no place here for you. Candy insists to be with Nana ji. Tejo takes him. He runs to Khushbeer and asks him if he is upset with him and will never talk to him. He promises to be a good boy and wants to be with him. Tejo takes him away. Khushbeer holds Candy’s hands and stops him.

Candy smiles. Everyone is shocked. Khushbeer sits down and says I am not upset with you, you will stay in this house with me. He says this house is yours and you can stay here forever. Candy asks how will he leave without his mother. Khushbeer says your mom will also stay here. He hugs Candy. Everyone gets much emotional. Tejo’s father says he is so proud of her today. Khushbeer takes him to take mata rani’s blessings. Gurpreet makes Fateh and Tejo do aarti together. Fateh looks at Tejo with much gratitude. Jasmine gets upset.

Fateh meet Tejo to thank her.  She says its okay, I did this for the family, not you, they have always supported me, I can do this for them, I had promised aunty ji that I will bring Simran back, I had to fulfill that promise. He says sorry to her for hurting her and recollects how he was blaming her for Jasmine being compared to her. Tejo says she is much tired and will sleep now. he leaves. She feels sad seeing him leave too. She says my work is done here, I have fulfilled my promise and will soon leave from here now. I have to convince the judge about the six months condition.

Jasmine sees Fateh and asks him why do you go to her room always. He says just wanted to thank Tejo. She blames Tejo for being too smart and them being blind not to see her scheming. He gets upset with Jasmine and tells her that he will be forever indebted to Tejo. He could not be a good brother but I am happy that Simran is back home. He says how can you not love Candy. He warns her not to speak anything against Simran ever.

Next morning, Gurpreet comes to the kitchen and hugs Tejo. She thanks her for fulfilling her promise. Tejo says you don’t thank me, Simran has come back, she will stay here, you should just have tears of happiness. She asks her to pray that Khushbeer  accepts Simran.

Simran meets Khushbeer and says Papa ji I m very happy, you have accepted Candy and kept him home, you have given him a family. Gurpreet tells Tejo she does not know what had happened with Simran, why did Amanpreet leave her. Tejo recalls Simran telling her how Amanpreet was already married and she became a mother out of wedlock..

Precap: Jasmin talks to someone on phone and is happy that she has done something against Tejo.

Jasmin is with Fateh. He gets a call and finds out that Tejo is arrested. He rushes to meet her. Jasmin says, you won’t be able to do anything, Fateh. Tejo will have to stay in police station for long time now.



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