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Udaariyaan 13 October 2021 Episode Update – Jasmine gets Tejo arrested

Colors Udaariyaan 13th October 2021 Written Episode, Udaariyaan Written Update

Today’s Udaariyaan episode starts with Tejo asks Gurpreet to give Simran some time to tell the truth. She asks her to promise to support Simran as she has spend so much pain in last few years.

Simran says sorry to her father and says she has suffered a lot by not listening to him. She says she used to be so dear to him and now he cannot even look at her. Khushbeer says you didn’t value my love. Daughters should be like Tejo who fulfilled a promise when she only got pain from this family, not selfish like you who didn’t care about our love and image.

Gurpreet tells Tejo to call her mummyji from now on. Tejo gets happy and hugs her. She says from now on I have three daughters. You will give bhog to God as my daughter today.

Khushbeer tells Simran I only have two daughters, your mom can forgive you, not me, I have accepted you only for Candy’s sake, he cannot be raised as orphan when we are alive. He says I will never forgive you and aks her to leave.

Simran comes down with tears in her eyes. All women asks her what happened. She says papa has not forgiven me and is still upset with me. Tejo says he is upset with me too, give him some time. Simran says he will never forget me as I am not a good daughter like you.

Gurpreet tells Fateh how Simran is sad because of their father. Fateh tells Simran you are just like when you were as child, our father mattered to you a lot. He asks Amrik to cheer her up. They all make her get up and start dancing around Simran. Fateh holds Tejo’s shoulders as they go around Simran. Tejo feels awkward. Fateh realizes his closeness to Tejo. Jasmine seem them and fumes in anger.

She plans to throw Tejo out of the house soon. She sees Fateh’s phone ringing. It’s call from investor. She poses as Tejo and calls them to academy next day. She says Tejo now I have made plans for you .

Next day, investors meet Jasmine at the academy. They demand their payment and share in profit. Jasmine says she is too new, all the accounts are messed up. There have been many delays in payments and blames Tejo for it for handling the accounts. She shows them how Tejo has signed all the accounts documents. The investors get angry and leaves.

Tejo and family discuss about kanjak ritual for Navratri. The cops come home and arrest Tejo. Khushbeer asks them how dare they arrest his daughter. They say we are just doing our duty. We have a warrant against Tejo. The investors of your academy have filed complaint against Tejo for not making their payments and giving them their profits. Gurpreet says Tejo can never do this. Khushbeer says he won’t allow them to take Tejo. Tejo asks Khushbeer not to stress due to his health and says she will go with the cops.

Tejo is put in the jail. Jasmine is happy that by now Tejo would have been arrested. She hides Fateh’s phone. He comes looking for his phone. She asks him about their Canada plans. He says they can’t leave until his divorce is done in 6 months time. She says now I have to wait because of you too. He says I am doing this for you. We are staying together, then why can’t you wait. Khushbeer tries calling Fateh but fails.

The office peon tells Fateh there is a call for him on his phone. Fateh gets to know Tejo is arrested. Jasmine rejoices. Fateh rushes to save her. Jasmine asks him where is she going. She says she must have done something wrong in past, why do you bother. He asks her to shut up and leaves.

Khusbeer sits at the police station. He says he won’t leave unless his daughter isout. The cop asks him to let him do his work.

Tejo’s family reaches the station. Fateh and Jasmine also reach. Fateh asks his father to go home he will take care of everything. Jasmine goes behind him. Her brother stops her. Her Father asks her if she is behind this, he will not spare her. She says Tejo used to handle the accounts and she has always been zero in accounts, may be Tejo can go wrong, it cannot be always her. Khusbeer’s lawyer comes for her bail

Virk family prays for Tejo. Jasmine looks at them and says Tejo is out of her life now.

Udaariyaan 14 October 2021 Precap

Tejo gets released. The cops says someone else has taken the blame. She sees Fateh is arrested.



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