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Udaariyaan 13th December 2021 Episode Written Update – Riya’s Nani entry makes big revelation

Colors serial Udaariyaan 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Udariyaan Written Update

Today’s Udaariyaan episode starts with Tejo walks alone in the night and thinks about seeing Fateh at the petrol. She says he is Canada but why did she feel that he was there. Fateh tells his manager that he has to go to Rampur to give this wallet to the owner. The owner praises his honesty and lets him go. He asks him to take his bike.

Jasmine gets to her work to trap a guy with controversial pictures. She drops her sling bag to get some candid pictures with him. The man identifies her as Jasmine Sandhu, from Mogha and winner of a peasant.

Tejo’s cousin tears Jasmine’s picture in anger. The family curses Jasmine. Jasmine’s father wonders how do he tell the family truth that Jasmine and Fateh are not married and are in India.

The man asks Jasmine why are you trapping people like that. Jasmine tells him not to teach her and save his marriage as she has pictures of him too with a hot girl. The man gives money to her. She says she won’t expose him but he has to help her. She asks him to find out about Tejo’s whereabouts.

Tejo finds Riya upset with Angad as he didn’t finish her promise to have ice cream with her. She recollects her moments with Tejo. She tells Riya we can dance and cheer up ourselves. Angad comes. Riya makes him join to dance and they all have fun dancing together. He showers pillow confettis. Tejo misses her moment with Fateh. They have much fun together. Angad’s maid comes running and tells him that that lady has come. Angad gets tensed. He asks Tejo to go from back door and go to outhouse. Tejo questions him. He begs Tejo for Riya’s sake o go now and he will explain later.

The lady comes in angrily and asks where is Riya. She says I have come to take my grand daughter away. Angad asks her to leave. She says I will not let her stay here a minute. You hands are painted with her parents’ blood. Tejo asks Riya to tell her who is that lady. Riya remains silent.

Riya’s Nani calls for Riya. Angad says Riya does not want to go. She says I am her Nani. he says I am her Chacha. She says how will you take care of when you don’t have time for yourself. She says you are responsible for her parents death, I cannot leave her with you. She asks if she has killed her grand daughter too. The lady calls the cops. The cops says you cannot stop her from taking Riya. Angad shows court orders that says if Riya is feeling stressed about anything, she does not have to go with him. The lady refuses to accept court orders. The cops asks her to understand. The lady says I have not told the world that you are the murderer of you own brother and Bhabhi but now I will. I will take away Riya.

Tejo sees the lady with cops and wonders what is the issue. Tejo makes Riya sleep and thinks about seeing Fateh. She says why am I restless when Fateh and Tejo are in Canada. Angad sees her and tells I want to tell you my problem Tejo, but you have your own issues. He wishes that their relationship was not fake, but Real.

Jasmine gets a new job from her aide against a big businessman. He says you have to go to Chandigrah and sends her a pic. She sees Angad’s in the picture sent by the aide. She says if I have found Angad, I can find Tejo and Fateh will also be around.

Tejo is in the market buying fruits. Fateh is around in the same market. She senses Fateh around. “Siayyaa” plays as she turns arund but misses to see him. He spots in the crowd, her blue dupatta. He goes towards the lady and finds its someone else. He wonders why is he thinking of Tejo and if she is OK. Tejo’s things fall down. She bends to pick up. Fateh passes by her. Her dupatta touches him but they miss to see each other. Tejo strongly feels Fateh around. She leaves in his car and he on his bike. Fathe says he has no rights on her memories too. Tejo looks around again.


Fateh comes to meet the same man Angad and Tejo also come to meet. He gives an offer to Fateh and he accepts it. Tejo once again senses Fateh around as she reaches the same place.


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