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Udaariyaan 15th December 2021 Episode Written Update – Fateh comes to Angad’s house

Colors serial Udaariyaan 15th December 2021 Written Episode, Udariyaan Written Update

Today’s Udaariyaan episode starts with Tejo’s mom asks Tejo till how long will they hide from Gurpreet and rest of Virk family about Angad and Tejo’s fake engagement. They have so many dreams and hopes about their marriage.

Tejo’s father says they have to hide it until Tejo permits them to say as he wants to think of Tejo now. Fateh and Tejo tjink about each other and miss each other badly. Tejo says to herself that she has to find out if Fateh is OK. She calls her father. Her mom asks her why did she not tell and her leave. They all get emotional.

Tejo asks them about Jasmine and asks if Fateh and Jasmine have settled in Canada. Tejo’s mom tries to tell the truth. Her husband lies to Tejo and says Jasmine called them and showed them their big house and Fateh has also got a job. He asks her to think about herself and not them. She says I am happy for them. The call gets finished. Tejo’s mom says you lied to Tejo but Fateh is still in her heart.

Angad sees Tejo shedding tears of sorrow and says Tejo you have to move on now and I will help you with it. Tejo doubts that her father would not talk to Jasmine and may be he was lying. She wonders if Tejo and Jasmine are ok. Fateh looks at the blue dress and thinks of Tejo.

Angad calls his friend (Aunty) and takes her help to cheer up Tejo. Angad waits outside his house for someone. His maid tells him Riya baby is calling him. Fateh comes in the car (as driver). Angad’s friend calls him and asks him to deliver the box to man on the loctaion that she has sent him. Fateh goes to deliver a big gift box to Angad’s house. He is unaware it is Angad’s house. Tejo senses Fateh around as he walks towards the main door. Tejo looks around. She misses to see him. Tejo says Fateh you have left me but your memories haven’t left. The box drops and finds a long blue gown. He holds it and imagines tejo dressed beautifully in it. They have a dance together (dreaming) and spend romantic time together. His dream breaks. Fateh packs the gift dress again. Angad’s maid take it from him to give it to Angad.

Angad comes out but misses to see Fateh as he is busy talking on the phone. Fateh leaves. Tejo also misses Fateh. She thinks to give away her dress that reminds her of Fateh, else she will never move on. She grabs a garbage bag and puts it in it. She comes out and nearly misses to see Fateh as he leaves in the car. She feels Fateh around. She throws the dress. Angad sees her crying and going to her outhouse. He sees the dress thrown by her.

he comes to her room. He asks her if she dumped her old memories. She turns around and is about to fall. He hodls her. He says if you move ahead but look behind, you will fall down. She says if I try to move ahead, I have pulled 10 steps back. He says I am always there for you to help you. She recollects how she had helped Fateh to move on from Jasmine. Angad makes her dance round and round so that her old memories don’t confuse her. She laughs. He says mission accomplished. He closes her eyes to give her a surprise. He shows her the princess dress. Tejo says how can I take this. He says I knew it you are very self respecting. He says you can also gift me with your first salary.

Jasmine calls Angad’s office to find out about him. She overhears that he will be at Mr. Sharma’s party at Jade hall. She thinks to go there and find out about Fateh and Tejo. She says today’s evening will be very special.

Fateh arrives at the engagement party with his boss and his daughter. The daughter keeps her hands on his hands. He feels awkward. She purposely falls on him. He moves away. He drives to park aside. Angad and Tejo reach too. Tejo feels Fateh around. Angad takes her inside the party. Fateh is busy parking and does not see her.


Angad and Tejo dance together on “Main Bani tera Radha”. Fateh sees them together. Jasmine also see them and gets shocked.


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