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Udaariyaan 15th September 2021 Episode Written Update – Rupy slaps Jasmine

Colors serials Udaariyaan 15th September 2021 Written Episode, Udariyaan Written Update

Today’s Udaariyaan episode starts with Jasmine hugs Fateh and tells him she is so happy. She never imagined that he would surprise her like that. Fateh is in shock that Tejo has signed the divorce papers. Fateh says he will go to the washroom. He keeps the papers on the bed and goes inside the washroom. He recollects Tejo signing the papers ahe washes his face,

Tejo goes to her room and sheds tears of sorrow. Jasmine calls Sweety and tells her about Tejo and Fateh’s divorce and how happy she is. Fateh comes out. She tells she is going out for shopping with Sweety. Fateh tells her there is so much tension around and she wants to go shopping. She manipulates him saying that everyone hates here and she needs to go out and feel better hence she is going for shopping and asks him please not to stop her. She leaves. Fateh looks at the papers and throws them away.

Jasmine awaits Sweety. She turns around and finds her parents. She realizes that they asked Sweety to lie to her. Her mom tells her that Tejo was always like a shadow to you. Jasmine says she was a grahan and not a shadow. Satti asks her not to ruing her sister’s marriage. Jasmine blames Tejo for coming between Fateh and her. She says who asked her to sit in the mandap and marry Fateh. Rupy says we had convinced her to marry Fateh. Jasmine says she has to face consequences now then. I will not leave Fateh for God, then forget about Tejo. She leaves. Rupi stops her and gives her a tight slap in front of all. Jasmine leaves.

She comes in anger and barges into Tejo’s room. Tejo asks her if she is packing for Canada. Jasmine says I am ensuring Fateh has no reason to see your face. Jasmine says yes, soon we will go to Canada too, Fateh has already thrown you out of his life. Tejo tells him, he has not, I have thrown him out by signing the papers. Fateh didn’t make me sign the divorce papers, I did that myself, I wanted it. Jasmin says its good, why to claim something that’s not yours. Tejo says I wish you understood this, we all would have not seen this day.

Virk family sits together. Tejo makes Dadi eat sandwich. Jasmine and Fateh leaves. Jasmine stops purposely and asks him to inform his mother not to make his dinner as they will be eating out. Everyone gets upset with her move. Fateh says he has already informed his mom. Tejo gets a call from Simran and moves away to talk to her.

Fateh’s friend Satinder comes and meets Jasmine as Fateh’s wife and calls her Bhabhi. Tejo and everyone hear it too. Satinder asks Fateh and Jasmine to come to the wedding together. Fateh agrees. Jasmine invites him and his finace to join them for dinner. Gurpreet says Satinder used to study in Fateh’s school. Biji asks why did he call Jasmin as Bhabhi. Tejo says Fateh introduced her as his wife, I saw them in Satinder and Nikki’s party.

Fateh and Jasmine have dinner with his friend and the fiance. Fateh gets irked as Jasmine Talks about going to Canada and does PDA (shows off love). Jasmine leaves dinner abruptly. He goes behind her and calls her out for her behavior. She blames him for being sad about divorcing his wife. He asks what else cam he do to prove his love for her. She says she wants to just go back home.

Tejo feels bad that everyone is sad because of her and tries to cheer up Dadi and everyone with help Mahi. Mahi and Tejo perform cute dance together and makes everyone dance too. Fateh and Jasmine come home too and see them enjoy. Fathe’s mom takes him to dance. He joins them while Jasmine sulks.


Jasmines plays a tricks with foul smell in Tejo’s room forcing her to sleep out of her room. She promises to throws her soon out of the house too. Tejo sleeps out in the hall. Fateh is sleeping on another sofa opposite to her. Jasmines see it and gets upset.


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