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Udaariyaan 16 December 2021 Episode Written Update – Angad & Tejo dance at the party

Colors serial Udaariyaan 16th December 2021 Written Episode, Udariyaan Written Update

Today’s Udaariyaan episode starts with Tejo gets out of the car. Fateh is busy parking. She looks him around. Angad takes her inside holding her hands while she looks around.

Angad tells beautiful lines to praise Tejo’s beauty. She says if not together for life, can we have a picture together. They click a pic together. Jasmin asks the cab driver to rush to the party. She wnats to find out if Fateh is together with Angad and Tejo. Angad meets his friend and her father Sharma. Angad’s father gets jealous together. Angad asks Tejo to save him from his friend (aunty).

Angad makes Tejo meet the couple of the engagement party. He introduces her as his fiancé and his destiny. They see the couple getting engaged. Tejo recollects her fake engagement as Angad reminds her of it. Sharma asks Fateh to get the phone charger inside. Angad’s friend and Sharma’s daughter dances. She goes to Angad and forces him to dance. He hides behind Tejo. Tejo and Angad get pushed to the dance floor by his friend and her father. Fateh enters the party hall. Tejo senses him again and looks around (Dariyaa song plays).

Angad begins to dance with Tejo on Meri Radha song. She is surprised. Fateh looks for Mr. Sharma at the party. Tejo enjoys dancing with Angad. Fateh sees Tejo dancing with Angad and gets shocked. He is heartbroken seeing them dance happily together. He recollects that he delivered the blue dress last night to Angad’s house. Tejo feels Fateh’s presence around. He recollects his dream dance with Tejo and sheds tears of sorrow seeing her dancing with Angad.

Mr. Sharma sees Fateh and asks him for the charger. He asks him to charge his phone. Fateh sees Tejo happy with Angad.

Jasmine asks the cab driver why did he stop. He says he has to take medicines and hence has stopped to eat food. She asks him to stop. He leaves anyways. Jasmin takes the car and leaves for the party. Angad’s friends meets Fateh and flirts with him. She pretends to get offended. She laughs and says I was kidding, seeing him tensed. She asks him to get wine for her. He asks which one. She is impressed and says something is about this guy, he is not a driver. Jasmines rushes to the party in the cab.

Fateh hides himself from Angad and Tejo as he goes to get wine for Angad’s friend. Angad comes next to him to asks for water. Fateh hides himself. Angad stops him. Fateh manages to leave as the bartender keeps Fateh busy. Tejo feels Fateh around. Angad gets water for her.

Fateh manages to give Sharma his phone while Tejo is dancing around with Angad. He leaves looking at her for the last time. Tejo feels uneasy. He comes back to the car and sheds tears recollecting Angad and Tejo’s dance and his moments with Tejo. He thinks to leave from the city to be away from Angad and Tejo for their happiness.

Angad asks her to move on. Tejo thinks she wants to but she is unable to pretend to be happy. Angad says it not easy but a good friend can make it easy. Jasmine reaches the party place. Fateh asks the other drivers till when will the party go on. Jasmine sees Fateh and is shocked.


Angad helps Tejo with her dress and she feels awkward. Jasmin sneaks into Angad’s house as Riya, Tejo and Angad are busy playing cricket. She hides as the ball comes towards her. She hides behind a tree. Angad spots her blue dress. She gets worried.


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