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Udaariyaan 16 September 2021 Episode Written Update – Tejo confronts Jasmine for foul smell trick in her room

Colors serial Udaariyaan 16 September 2021 Written Episode, Udariyaan Written Update

Today’s Udaariyaan episode starts with Jasmine gets furious and walks into her room. She blames Tejo for trying to winning over Fateh and his family. She accuses her of purposely signing the divorce papers as part of her drama to win over Fateh and his family. She blames her of taking over Fateh room on which she has her rights. She plans to throw Tejo out of the room and the house soon.

Tejo comes to her room and gets disgusted with a foul smell. She looks for the smell but cannot figure out what is wrong. She sprays perfume but it does not help. She gets out of her room and wonders where she can sleep as Jasmine has taken the guest room and Mahi and Masi are sleeping together. Jasmine sees her in trouble and gets happy that she has thrown Tejo out her room; soon she will throw her out of the house.

Jasmine walks upto Tejo and asks her what happened. Tejo asks since when are you so concerned about me. She taunts her “le neki kar darya mein daal”. She says I was walking by and saw you in some worry. She asks her what is the issue. Tejo tells about foul smell. Jasmine taunts her you mean the room from which you threw me out. She says I am not so bad, if you want you can sleep in my room. Tejo says its unbelievable that you are being so sweet and refuses her offer. Jasmine says leave it and goes away being happy with her cheap trick.

Tejo walks out in the hall and thinks to sleep on the sofa. Fateh is sleeping on the other sofa. Tejo does not want to disturb others and wants to sleep early for Visarjan preparations next day. Jasmine comes to see where is Tejo sleeping. She gets furious to see Tejo sleeping in the hall with Fateh. She decides to throw Tejo out of the house soon.

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Fateh gets up in the nights and is surprised to see Tejo sleeping on the other sofa. He wonders what happened. He checks if she has fever. He hesitates to touch her. He checks her and finds no fever. He moves his hands. She holds his hands in sleep. He slowly manages to take it out and puts a blanket on her.

Next day, Fateh’s mom dad and grandfather are shocked to see Tejo sleeping on the sofa. Fateh’s mom asks her what happened. Tejo sees them and looks for Fateh who is not around. She tells them about the foul smell in the room. Fateh’s father goes to check with the servants and does not find the root cause. Jasmine enjoys seeing them troubles.

She looks for dresses to wear for Visarjan function. She demands Fateh to buy her some dresses. He asks her to wait and goes to his room. He finds fouls smell in Tejo’s room but does not bother. He goes back and gives the peach coloured saree to Jasmine that he had got as a wedding gift for her. She asks him if Tejo ever wore it. He recollects insulting Tejo when she had worn the saree and asks her to forget it and says it does not matter as she will look very nice in this saree. She gets happy and hugs him. Amrik comes and taunts Fateh for romancing his girlfriends amid so much tensions. Fateh asks him to back off. His father says you have done wrong things so get ready to hear such bad things now. He asks Amrik to check if plumbers could find problem in Tejo’s room.

Tejo is unable to get ready due to the issue with her room. She talks to Dadi about Visarjan.

Tejo’s parents comes to meet Virk family for Visarjan. Tejo’s mom asks her how is she. Tejo says I am fine. Tejo’s mom says we came for Visarjan and to check on Tejo. Dadi says we can understand your worries. Tejo’s father says Mr. Virk has got Tejo back home as his daughter, so we do not have to worry but Jasmine is also in this house. Mr. Virk says not to worry about Tejo. Fateh comes and says hello to Tejo’s parents.

The plumbers tells Fateh’s father, they could not find the reason behind foul smell. Jasmine overhears and gets happy. Tejo notices her wicked smile and wonders if she is behind all of this. Mr. Virk says Tejo can stay in Amrik’s room and he can sleep out. Tejo says she will go to her parents’s place after Visarjan and stay for few days. She asks Dadi to let her go. Dadi asks her to promise her that she will be back when her room’s issue is solved. Tejo hesitates but promises as he father knows she will take right decision. Tejo knows Jasmine is behind this.

Jasmine meets Tejo dressed in the saree gifted by Fateh. Tejo recollects her humiliation by Fateh and controls her tears/emotions. Jasmine flaunts how Fateh gifted this to her and how he told her she will look beautiful in it. Tejo confronts her about the foul smell in her room. Jasmine asks what do you mean. Tejo says today is a important day for the family and she doe snot want to ruin it by getting into argument with a girl like her. She warns her that if she finds out that she is behind her room mess, she will not spare her. Jasmine does not bother and walks away.

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