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Udaariyaan 30th July 2021 Episode Update – Tejo gets cold response to her romantic surprise for Fateh

Udaariyaan latest news – Gippy asks for Jamsin’s passport

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Colors show Udaariyaan. Tejo finds someone else in the changing room. Fateh, Tejo and Jasmine leave from the mall. Jasmine insists to sit in the front with Fateh. Fateh tells her that the front seat is for his wife and asks her to sit behind.

Jasmine gets upset. Fateh hints her from the mirror to understand the situation. She puts his hands on his shoulders and flirts with him while hiding.

In the night, Fateh goes to the terrace and talks to Jasmine over video call about flirting with him. She demands him to tell shayari for him like before. He says one for her. Tejo talks to her father as he wants to invite Fateh and Tejo to come home for wedding preparations. Tejo comes looking for Fateh thinking he is too busy with his work. She reaches the terrace. Jasmine says I Love You to Fateh and Fateh says her too. Tejo misses to listen to it. She gets rid of a insect on Fateh’s shoulder and he gets tensed seeing her.

She asks him to come down to the room. He gets a surprised seeing room beautifully decorated with candles and flowers. He gives a cold response and goes to the bathroom while being in a dilemma. Tejo wonders what’s wrong with him. He comes out. She wears the night gown she bought specially from the gown. He does notice. She asks why is he even not looking at her. He sees her and praises her that she is looking beautiful. She asks him whats wrong. He says has terrible headache. He offers to give him head massage while he sleeps looking away from her.

Next morning, Gippy comes to take Jasmine’s passport for applying for Canada’s Visa. Jasmine recollecting brining it for Fateh’s sake. She makes an excuse that she cannot find it. Everyone looks for it. Mami ji is sure Jasmine has hidden it. Gippy says he can apply for new one. Jasmine makes an excuse to check in the college locker and meets Fateh.

She tells Fateh that she has a plan to call off the marriage today itself when Tejo and he wil come for dinner. She asks him to only follow her hints as per her plan.


Jasmine falsely accuses Gippy for molesting her. Fateh bashes Gippy. The family oust Gippy and console Jasmine. Jasmine is happy while Fateh feels it is unjust.


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