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Udaariyaan upcoming twists – Tanya to expose Jasmine?

Fans of Colors popular show Udaariyaan will have to gear up for interesting twists in the coming episodes of the show!

So far, we have seen that Tejo’s look alike Tanya had entered Fateh’s house and has taken Tejo’s place. She is being paid by Jasmine to play this drama. At the same time, real Tejo is alive and soon viewers will get to see Fateh and Tejo coming face to face with each other.

Now, it will be seen that Jasmine get scared as the family starts doubting her. Tanya is very different from Tejo and is finding it very hard to act like Tejo in front of the family. She is losing her patience. Soon, she will get to know that Jasmine has used her for her own hidden intentions. She will threaten Jasmine to expose her plans to the family.

Will Jasmine’s plan to marry Fateh get ruined? We will have to wait and watch!

Stay tuned to this space for latest news and gossips of Udaariyaan.


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