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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 16th August 2021 Episode Update – Kairav finds out about Kartik and Sirat’s fake marriage

Star Plus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 16th August 2021 Written Episode, YRKKH Written Update

Today’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) episode starts with Sirat tells the reporters that within seven days she will clear her name from Ranveer’s murder case. She asks the reporters to wait until then with their questions. She walks inside the house. She ties a thread and tells Kartik that within seven days she will prove her innocence in this wrongful case. Narendra Chauhan swears not to spare Sirat.

She tells Goenkas that she forgot that this was not about proving her innocence but to clear their family’s name too. She requests them that they have already suffered for so many days, just give her 7 more days. Manish tells Suwarna to finish the rituals to break her fast. Sirat requests Dadi to let her perform the rituals in her room and she does not want to trouble others. Kartik also supports Sirat’s request. Dadi agrees and asks her to eat as she hasn’t eaten food since yesterday.

Kartik gets food for Sirat. She asks him to have too. He says later. She insists him to eat together. As they eat food, Sirat tells him she hopes that she can prove her innocence and the reveal about their fake marriage to the family. Kairav overhears it. Kartik tries to make up an excuse. Sirat says no Kartik, no more lies. Sirat reveals to Kairav that yes they are not married. Kairav says why did you lie. He then says, his mom had told him that at times we have to lie for other’s happiness. He says but let me tell you a truth I really wished you and my father get married. She asks him if she will leave them and go after seven days. He says I will not force you as I want you to be happy. Sirat says why are you so good. he says an angel helped me meet my father in Goa and you too. I will wish that angel that you are happy too. He says all the best to her. Kairav leaves the room. He thinks about Sirat’s truth and his memories with her.

He sheds tears in his room. Kartik comes to him. Kairav hugs him. He says I am sorry. Kartik says why son is so good, brave and matured. What you said was the right thing to do and not everyone can do. Kairav says I will pray to God that Sirat never leaves us.

Kairav is sleeping on the bed. Sirat tells Kartik that Kairav has grown up so soon and has given me courage. She says I might leave this house but my relationship with him will never end. She requests him to let her sleep with Kairav.

Suwarna comes and tells Kartik that Akshu is sleeping in my room, so let her sleep here. She asks Sirat why is she sleeping with Kairav. Sirat says Kairav was asking so. Suwarna says he has slept now. Suwarna asks Kartik to go as she wants to talk to him.

Suwarna tells Sirat I know you and Kartik do not want to stay in the same room. I know you got married in a rush and there is media, but now that you have a relationship, maintain it and asks her to go to her room. You spend entire day with family, but now is the time with your husband, go to your room.

Gayu comes to Kartik and Sirat’s room. She tells Kartik I will ask for my nek (shagun) as your saali. Kartik says to take it tomorrow as she is tired today. Gayu taunts him for siding Sirat. She asks them to be always together. Suwarna also makes them hold their hands and says to be always together. Kartik tells Sirat he will sleep on the sofa and she can sleep on the bed. She asks him to sleep on bed, she says once a person sleeps in the jail, he can sleep anywhere. Kartik says sorry to her that he could not do much. She says you have done so much, got me out on bail. Kartik gets adamant that she will not get a pillow until she sleeps on the bed. They snatch and have a cute fight. They fall on the bed and have a moment.


Dadi tells Suwarna, Surkekha that today is auspicious day where husband and wife perform one of the rituals of a marriage. She asks Manish, Kartik and Akhilesh to make their respective wear mangalsutra. Sirat worries as Kartik gets ready to make her wear the mangalsutra.



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