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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 20 August 2021 Episode Update – Chauhan burns Ranveer’s original medical report

Star Plus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 20 Episode August 2021 Written Update, Written Episode

Today’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) epsiode starts with Kirti says why did you guys have to lie, you could have told the truth. She asks what will Kaurav feel about the lies. Naira says Kaurav knows the truth and he has given us strength with his support. She says we can’t tell the truth to the family, but can understand us and requests them to support Kartik and her. She says you may not want to tie Rakhi from me, but help us for humanity sake.

Manish curses Sorta for all the troubles. Kartik comes home and asks for Kirti. Suwarna makes an excuse that Naksh and Kirti are stuck with important thing. Kartik calls them. She says Kriti had called and said she cannot come. He asks for Sirat. Suwarna says she left saying she has some important work. He calls Sirat. She says he has come to meet Ranveer’s sister. He says let me come there. She says not to, she will handle well. She says Ranveer’s sister has just lost him, he had lot of plans for his siter too. She asks him to trust her.

Ranveer’s mom gets upset seeing her and asks her to leave at once. Ranveer’s sister comes. Sirat gives her gift on behalf of Ranveer. She says these are shares that Ranveer had got for you. If he was here. he would have given you, but now you have to take from me only. They get emotional. She also gives her jwellery. Ranveer’s mom says don’t do this drama. Sirat says this are not mine, these are what you gave me and I am giving to his sister on Ranveer’s behalf. Ranveer’s mom asks to leave before any more big drama. She closes the door on her.

Sirat sees the doctor and Ranveer’s dad together and gets shocked. The doctor gives him a file with Ranveer’s real medical report and says he will get out of town soon. He asks not to give his name to Kartik & Sirat as they are looking for truth. Chauhan asks if he has deleted the report from computer. He says I will burn this hard copy at once. Kartik comes and bumps into her. She is shocked. He tells her what do you think, Chauhan will let you take the file so easily. We will have to be smart.

They try to sneak into Chauhan’s house secretly. She feels bad and fed up of her life’s troubles.. She wants them to end soon. He helps her get inside the house. They fall and have a moment.

Chauhan finds Sirat and Kartik together and burns the death certificate in front of them. It turns out to be Sirat’s dream. Dadi is worried that Kartik and Sirat are out and Kirti has not come home. It does not look like festival at home. Naksh and Kirti come home. Manish and everyone get happy. Dadi asks her if she has got Rakhi for her Bhabhi too. She is our family now and everyone will have to accept her sooner or later.

Chauhan comes to his office to look for lighter to burn the papers. She asks his wife. He gets to know from her that Sirat came to give shares and jwellery to their daughter. He yells at her for accepting it from Sirat.

Kartik and Sirat quickly look for papers in Chauhan’s office. Chauhan heads back to the office.


Chauhan burns medical report while Kartik and Sirat hide from him. Sirat makes noise. Chauhan hears it. Kartik and Sirat worry.





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