Anupamaa 16th November 2022 Episode Written Update- Anupama exposes Pakhi in front of all

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Anupamaa 16th November 2022 Episode Written Update- Anupama exposes Pakhi in front of all

In today’s episode of Anupamaa (Star Plus), we will see that Anupama goes to unlock the door to declare her decision to the family that Pakhi and Adhik’s wedding functions have been cancelled. Pakhi begs Anupama and holds her legs. Anupama gets emotional for a moment, however, she does not budge and goes out. Pakhi rushes behind her.

Anupama sees everyone happily dancing together. Pakhi asks her not to ruin everyone’s happiness. Anupama shouts and asks to put off the music. Everyone is shocked. Anuj realizes something is very wrong and requests the guests to leave. Vanraj asks Anupama what happened. Pakhi is about to start her emotional drama.

Anupama tells Vanraj that Pakhi and Adhik eloped and got married. You threw her out of the house and Anuj took Pakhi’s responsibility on Bapuji’s request. We all wanted them to be happy and hence made arrangements for their wedding. Anuj is doing his best for the wedding but this girl has crossed limits. She reveals how she brought jewellery. Baa says she must have bought jewellery for Rs. 1 lakh to 2 lakhs. Anupama shows them the bill of Pakhi buying jewellery worth Rs. 600000. Everyone is shocked.

Anuj tells Pakhi he is much disappointed with her selfish act. Anupama tells Vanraj you threw her out of the house and that was the right decision. We should have done the same. But we took her home and gave her comfortable life. When she would have spent two days on the road struggling for basic needs, she would have got a reality check. She tells how Pakhi has always disrespected her but she hasn’t respected Adhik either. She tells Vanraj and everyone that we used to think Adhik is not the right person for Pakhi but Pakhi is not the right girl for him. She says sorry to Adhik. Anupama says it is enough now and this wedding is cancelled.


Vanraj requests Anupama to let Pakhi stay in her house. Anupama asks others to take her responsibility. Baa and Dolly refuse to take her responsibility. Anupama tells Pakhi to get out of Kapadia house.

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