Anupamaa 27 April 2023 Episode Update – Little Anu reveals the truth to Anuj, Dimple-Samar call off marriage

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Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Anupamaa (Star Plus). Anuj kisses little Anu as she sleeps. Anu gets up and asks Anuj about Anupamaa. She asks him that he didn’t apologize for his mistake. He nods. She tells him that she is aware that they both fight because of her. She asks him not to be upset with Anupama as Anupama loves her a lot, even more than Maya. She reveals how she had asked Anupama to let her go with Maya and convince Anuj to let her go. She says that Maya is alone and hence she wanted to come with her for few days and she would have come back to them. Anuj is shocked and remains speechless while Anu asks her to patch up with Anupamaa.

Anupama’s mother tells her that Anuj’s love wasn’t getting enough and she cannot see her waiting for him. She asks her to focus on herself from now on.

Kavya offers sweets to Vanraj as he can rejoice now that Anuj and Anupama didn’t meet. She tells him that she is having the sweets as she is confident that they will meet. She tells him that Anupama left him and married Anuj but his dream of having her back will never be fulfilled and leaves.

Dimpy tells Samar that they will get married soon after her divorce as she doesn’t trust fate. Samat suggests that they should leave Shah house and stay separately to avoid daily arguments and fights with family. Dimpy refuses to stay separately. They agree. She tells Anuj will take their responsibility, even though Anupama didn’t take it. Samar says he has nothing to do with Anuj for what he has done with his mother. Dimple blames Anupama for doing wrong with Anuj and playing victim card. Samar gets much angry and asks her stop it. He offers to drop her. She tells him that Anuj will attend their wedding and she doesn’t care if any of his family member doesn’t attend it else they have to re-think about marriage.

Shah Family has breakfast together. Baa says she is thinking of asking Anupama to stay with them for Samar’s marriage. Bapuji and Kavya are shocked. Samar remains speechless. Baa sees his face and taunts if he fought with Dimple and if he really wants to marry her. Samar says yes, he has called of the marriage. Vanraj tells him, it’s not a game, he fought with them for marriage and now they have called it off. Samar gets up angrily and says he is dead for all of them. He says Baa must be happy that her wish is fulfilled. He leaves angrily

Kinjal thinks that they have fought and might patch up soon. Baa wishes that just like Anuj and Anupama have break up, Samar and Dimpy too should break up forever. Kinjal and Bapuji are appalled with her wish. Kinjal gets Pakhi’s message has left for Mumbai. Adhik tells Barkha that Pakhi has gone to leave Anuj. She yells at him for not stopping her. He tells her that she has just left a note for him when he woke up. Barkha fears that Pakhi would tell Anuj about Maya and her plans. Ankush laughs. He tells her that this time he is not involved in her evil plans and he will himself oust her from the house once Anuj is back. Barkha worires.

Anuj helps little Anu wither breakfast. Maya talks about taking her out. She hears doorbell and is shocked to see Pakhi at the door with her bags. Little Anu expresses her happiness upon seeing Pakhi and wishes not to go to school. Pakhi asks her not to miss her school and assures to wait for her until she comes back from school while she will talk to Anuj about a lot of important things.


Anupama calls Pakhi and finds out that she is with Anuj. They have an emotional moment over the phone.


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