GHKKPM 09th May 2023 Episode Update – Sai-Satya cute moments at the temple, Bhavani warns Sai

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GHKKPM 09th May 2023 Episode Update - Sai-Satya cute moments at the temple, Bhavani warns Sai

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKKPM) 09th May 2023 Episode Written Update

In today’s episode of Star Plus show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKKPM), we see that Amba waits for Sai to come to the temple. Satya says she must be coming anytime now. Sai comes beautifully dress in traditional saree with Savi. Amba tells Satya that he will have to lift Sai in his arms and walk the temple stairs. The more number of stairs they take together, the more numbers of years they will add to their happy married life. Sai and Satya makes excuses. Sai tries to walk with her hurt leg but finds it difficult.

Satya takes her in her arms. Sai and Satya look at each other. Satya tells her not to worry as they will always remain friends. Sai says sorry to him for Virat’s misbehaviour and thanks him as he has to face a lot of things because of her. They have cute moments. Satya’s Badi Aai is happy. Amba tells her that the love she sees in Satya’s eyes for Sai, she doesn’t see it in Sai’s eyes for Satya and wonders if it will ever happen if Sai keeps juggling between two families.

Bhavani gets a call from her party leader about the newspaper advertisement asking Pakhi to come back home. He questions her why does the daughter in laws of Chavan family run away from the home and how it will affect her political career. Bhavani blames Sai for the ad.

Virat sends sorry notes with remote cars into Vinu’s room and apologizes to him for hurting him and assures to find his mother. He dresses as clown as says he is ready for any punishment and tries to cheer him up.

The Pandit blesses Sai and Satya and says they will have a very successful marriage. Sai will always be a shield for Satya. Bhavani comes and confronts Sai. She questions her about the ad and asks her what rights does she have. She blames Amba of instigating Sai to ruin their family’s image. She blames Amba of ruining her family’s image years back and doing it again now. She tells her clearly that no one asked her to print this ad and she has done it as per her wish.

Sai tells Kaku that Vinu is her son and she will do whatever is right thing to do to make him happy. Kaku warns Amba to stay away from her family. She says is no longer the same Bhavani from years back, but has grown more powerful now. Sai knows what is she capable of if anyone dares to challenge her. Kaku leaves angrily from the temple.

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