Anupamaa 15 November 2022 – Anupama finds out Pakhi’s real intentions to become rich

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Anupamaa 15 November 2022 - Anupama finds out Pakhi's real intentions to become rich

In today’s episode of Anupamaa (Star Plus), we will see that Adhik and Pakhi have an argument in the corner. Adhik is very upset with Pakhi for buying expensive jewellery and asks her how does she intend to pay for it. Anupama sees them arguing. Pakhi tells Adhik its Barkha’s friends jewellery and they can pay later easily. Adhik tells her he can’t afford such expensive jewellery as he has just started working and earns only Rs. 1 lakh per month. He is garteful for Anuj to give him such a good start.

Pakhi gets upset and says people who dream big can achieve big and says how can he think so less of himself. She reminds him how he promised to fulfil all her dreams. She demands Anuj for partnership in business and not settle for Rs. 1000o per months salary. Adhik asks her with what right should he asks such partnership. Pakhi says he is son-in-law of the house now as she is Anupama’s daughter. Adhik gets much upset with Pakhi and leaves. Anupama is shocked to overhear all of this.

Barkha and Ankush dance too. Baa makes a fun comments and gets ready to show off her dance too. Baa and Bapuji dance on ‘saat samunder paaar’ song. GK and Mamaji also join them. Later, everyone comes together on the dance floor to dance. Adhik does not dance happily with Pakhi and avoids her. Anupamaa sees the tensions between them.

Pakhi takes Barkha aside and tells her how Adhik is upset. Barkah says sorry to her that her brother is unlike her for not dreaming big. She further instigates Pakhi to be adamant and not let go of her rights as Anupama’s daughter. She takes her to meet her friends and show off the jewellery to them.

Pakhi flaunts how she wanted more expensive d├ęcor but her mother settled for less. However, her wedding will be a big affair. Barkha’s friends taunt about Adhik working for Anuj. Pakhi covers up saying Adhik is taking experience and soon will become Anuj’s partner in his business. The ladies asks her if her mother would allow her to do so.

Pakhi starts disrespecting Anupama and says her mother giving her lectures, but she herself has married a rich man. She is just insecure now that even her daughter can become rich now. She says its not wrong after all to marry a rich man and fulfil your dreams. If her mom can do it, then why can’t she. Barkha is much surprised and encourages Pakhi. Anupama is much angry hearing Pakhi’s plan to exploit Anuj using her. Pakhi steps out and sees Anupama.

Anupamaa drags her to another room. She throws her on to a bed. Pakhi gets anrgy. Anuj wonders where is Anupama and recollects how she was disturbed. Pakhi starts disrespecting Anupama and blames her of having so much attitude ever since she has become Mrs. Kapadia. Anupama gives her a tight slap. Pakhi starts throwing things around and questions her why did she slap her angrily? Anupama asks her to lower her voice. Pakhi lowers it. Anu asks her to do so again until she talks to her properly.

Anupama tells her she has already told her enough times about all her mistakes and asks her to recollect all of the times she disrespected Anu earlier after getting married to Adhik without everyone’s consent. Anupama says now its enough. She says you are already married and we all wanted to these wedding rituals haldi, sangeet and mehendi as we all loved you. But now, there will be no rituals for you. She declares that her wedding will no longer happen as she is already married. Pakhi cries and requests her not to do so.


Pakhi holds Anupam’s feet in front of everyone to forgive her. Anupama is much angry and declares that her wedding is cancelled now. Everyone is shocked.


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