Anupamaa upcoming twists – Dimple joins Anupama’s dance class, Samar becomes Dimple’s big support

anupama and dimple
Anupamaa upcoming twists - Dimple joins Anupama's dance class, Samar becomes Dimple's big support

In the latest episode of Anupamaa, we see that Baa forces Anupama to withdraw Dimple’s case against her rapists after they send threat letters to both Shah and Kapadia family. Baa does not want her to put her family member’s lives at risk. However, Anupama refuses to step back. She tells Baa after seeing what happened with Dimple right in front of her eye, she cannot do anymore injustice to her especially when her own husband has abandoned her.

Later, as Anupama returns to Kapadia house, her car breaks down. She takes a auto rickshaw and gets attacked by goons on the bike. The auto also stops and she runs away from the goons. The goons chase her. She falls down on road. They circle around her and warn her not to support Dimple and throw her out of the house. They tell her what happened to Dimple, can happen with her as well or her family members Pakhi, Kinjal and Kavya. Anupama is much shaken. They leave while she screams feeling miserable and disgusted.

Now, in the coming episodes, we will see that Dimple is much shattered and loses courage to fight this battle for justice. Anupama is unable to see her devastated and decides to take her to her dance class to gather herself. She tries help Dimple heal her wounds through dance and gather courage to fight her battle.

Further, in the coming episodes, we will see Anupama’s on Samar come as a big support for Dimple and their love story will begin!

Stay tuned to this space for latest news and updates of Anupamaa.


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