YRKKH 17th May 2023 Episode Update – Abhimanyu stops Aarohi and Roohi from leaving the house

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In today’s episode of Star Plus show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH), we will see that Aarohi packs her bags to leave Birla house. She sees Abhimanyu and Roohi’s picture and gets emotional. Abhimanyu comes to meet her. He asks her why did she hide the trith from him. She says she had three reasons, their future, herself and for Roohi’s sake but why did he hide the truth from her. He says he didn’t hide, he just didn’t want to hurt her. She says but he still has hurt them.

Muskaan’s mom feels embarrassed and asks Abhinav why didn’t he know what was going on with Muskaan. Akshara comes and says she knew it. Abhinav asks her why didn’t she tell him. She says Muskaan stopped her. Abhinav says he is Muskaan’s brother and has a right tom know. She should have informed him. Akshara asks him when would have she done so, he has not time in the last few days. Abhinav says he is doing it all to earn money for his son’s sake. Akshara says he is doing it as he wants to compete with Abhimanyu. Abhinav says he is not doing it for comparison but wants to fulfil his son’s big and small wishes. Akshara is worried for Abhinav.

Manish and Suwarna feel bad that Muskaan’s mom must be feeling so bad. Suwarna says we can’t blame Kairav either. Surekha blames them for not seeing things when she had warned them before. She blames Muskaan for eyeing on becoming part of rich family like Goenkas. Suwarna doesn’t think so. Kairav finds Muskaan’s gift and curses himself for not seeing this earlier and avoiding all the confusion.

Next morning, Goenkas do morning puja. Akshara sings “Oh Kanha” songs gets overwhelmed with all the current situation. Abhir finishes the song for her. She gets emotional and happy. Muskaan’s mom tells them that she has decided to go back to Kasauli with Muskaan and asks Abhinav to book tickets. She apologizes on behalf of Muskaan. Akshara tries to stop them but fails. Manish and Suwarna asks her to convince Muskaan’s mom and save her family (in-laws).

Aarohi is about to tell Roohi to pack and leave. Abhimanyu stops her. He takes her to Manjiri and says that Aarohi and Ruhi will not leave the house. Manjiri says she never asked Aarohi to do so but Abhir… Abhimanyu stops her and says he cannot let Roohi go away. How is it fair to let go off one child for sake of another. She says Roohi and Aarohi will not go anywhere.

Abhir wants to play football with Abhir for few minutes but Abhinav refuses as he has to go for his driving work. He gets a call from a client and rushes out. Abhir feels bad that he has no one to play with and Abhinav has no time for him either.

Akshara gets calls from her lawyer that they will have to badmouth about Abhimanyu and Birla family to win the case. Abhimanyu’s lawyer also warns him that Akshara is married to Abhinav and her husband is capable of taking care of Abhir in all respects while he is a divorced single man. Abhimanyu is not ready to use Abhinav’s financial status against him in the court. Akshara and Abhimanyu both are in a dilemma about being unfair to win Abhir’s custody.


Abhir gets upset with Abhimanyu and Akshara for having no time for him and calls them bad. He gets happy seeing Roohi and Abhimanyu and says he will grow up and become a doctor like Abhimanyu. They take picture together while Akshara and Abhinav feel guilty of being distant from Abhir owing to their own tensions.


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